Thursday afternoon, I got a message that a good friend full of life and vigor had a massive heart attack and died. He died.
When he woke up that morning, I am certain that he was not thinking that it would be his last day.
Thursday night, Mike and I watched the movie, “The Last Holiday” with Queen Latifah. She was given three weeks to live because of a tumor on her brain. She decided to take all her life savings and live life. She went to a fancy hotel a resort in Canada. She lived it up.
She let go of her fears and inhibitions, and she lived life.
Do you think that God wants us to live life safely? Does he want us to be all safe and secure and not coming out our cocoon?
I just feel that God does not want us to live life safely. He wants us to live life with passion and no holds barred.
I mean really, what would our lives be like if we lived fearless? If we actually followed our passion and that burning desire that God placed in us.
What if we were willing to step out in faith and do what God has placed in our hearts?
I sincerely believe that God has placed in each and every one of us a specific purpose and destiny. A God purpose!!!
He has a detailed plan for you and a detailed plan for me.. It is time that we stopped letting the busyness of life keep us from our destiny.
We need to stop trying to please other people. We need to stop putting off our God plans and just do it.
Just step into what He has for us. It is time that we were living on the cutting edge of what God wants.
Is He telling you to go to Africa to teach little children? Well, then go. Just go.
Is He telling you to start a soup kitchen? What is stopping you?
The message is simple. Show the love of Jesus. Tell the love of Jesus. Do the love of Jesus.
Talk to people. Treat them like they matter because they do. Tell them that God loves them. Show them that God loves them.
Don’t be so involved in being busy that you don’t have time for those divine encounters that God wants you to be in.
Stop. Stop and smell the roses. Stop and show that you care.
Enough of being selfish. Enough of living in a fish bowl. Jump. Jump into the ocean of life. Accept the challenge of being the most loving person around. Love like Jesus does. One person at a time.
We need to be living life to the fullest.
The Scripture that I wish to use today is Luke 10:25-37
The Good Samaritan
The man asks who is his neighbor? My question who is your neighbor? Who is my neighbor?
Let’s look at the people involved in the parable.
The Priest- He is upper class and more than likely riding a horse or a donkey. Being a religious leader, he is supposed to know God and show love and compassion. He steered clear of the hurt man. You could say that he was avoiding defilement, but more than likely he was on his way home. It would not have a problem. It was his obligation to take of the man.
The Levite- a religious leader of a somewhat lower class. He ignored him also when he should have helped him.
The Samaritan- hated and despised by Jews and avoided at all costs. Aren’t we glad that he had compassion? I am certain that the hurt man was glad that he took pity on him.
The beaten man- He had no clothes to identify his status because the robbers took them. He was unconscious and could not talk, so others could not recognize his dialect.
Do you know what I think that this parable is really about? It is not really about the beaten man. It is about the others.
Jesus is asking a question of us. The question is not what kind of person is my neighbor, but what kind of person am I?
We don’t need to ask who is worthy of our love, but how can we become the kind of person who shows compassion regardless of someone’s status?
The focus is on who is passing by.
What kind of a person are you?
Do you try to determine if someone is worthy of your love?
Do you seek to cultivate a heart of compassion and kindness that you shower on others regardless of status and position.
Christ-like love does not permit us to choose who we will love. We are not to put people in categories.
Lack of love is an indictment of all forms of bigotry, prejudice, or superiority.
Test time now:
Are you put off because someone is dressed Muslim? A different race? Or inner city kid?
Kindness must not be restricted to just other Christians.
Who can you and who should be a neighbor to today?
Is it the jerk next door?
What about that co-worker who is of a different political party?
The inner city kid who is hungry?
The wealthy snob who is rude?
The gay couple down the street?
It is not about who or what they are. It is about who and what you are.
Will you choose to be a neighbor to them?