Romans 13:11 “The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than we first believed.”
John 4:23 But the hour comes, and now is, when the true worshippers will worship.”
It is time to arise and answer the call on your life. You have spent much of your life wandering around with no purpose and doing whatever felt good.
The time of that kind of life has got to stop. It is time for purposeful life. It is time for an intentional life.
Just what does that mean? Intentionally spending time in God’s Word, and intentionally spending time in His Presence so that you are equipped for whatever adventure awaits you.
Intentionally listening to Christian music or music that lifts your spirit and fills you with joy. Intentionally watching television that has great preaching and teaching on the channel. Intentionally feeding the spirit that which is life and not death.
Just as we should feel our physical body good food, so should we feed our spirit that which is life and health and wellness.
Intentionally taking care of our temple by eating proper nutrition and getting adequate exercise.
In addition to exercising the body, we should exercise the brain. We should dig deeper in the Word and listen or read good teachings and preachings.
Intentionally not living afraid. Intentionally not listening to the lies of the enemy. Intentionally telling the enemy and his minions to leave and not return.
Intentionally soaking in His Presence and intentionally worshipping. Intentionally living in the joy of one day and not borrowing trouble from another.
Intentionally praying boiling hot prayers. Do you do that? Forgive me, but I seriously doubt that any of us actually do that unless it is a life or death situation for us or someone that we love.
What do you think would happen if you and I, in a concerted effort, actually bombarded Heaven with prayers that were earth shattering? Prayers that were about the things that stir the Heart of God.
It is wonderful for us to enjoy life. It is wonderful for us to love others. It is wonderful for us to have fun. However, we have a higher calling than just walking this earth for 70 or more years. We are called to be the sons and daughters of the Most High God, and we are called to walk in His destiny for us. We are called to have dominion over the earth.
What does that mean? Dominion means that we are caretakers and we have the key to unlock the door. We have been given authority to rule and reign over the earth.
That is a mighty high calling, and we have to a great extent failed to execute. We have failed to launch.
It is high time that we took those keys that we have been given and unlock those Heavenly secrets. There are things that you and I have the authority to bring about. We have the authority to determine and influence what is going to happen. We have the ability to change the direction that our society is headed.
Where we see death and destruction, well, we have the authority to speak to that and tell it to go. We have the authority to loose Heaven on earth.
Isn’t it in the Lord’s Prayer “on earth as it is in Heaven”? What does that mean? That means that whatever is in Heaven is on earth.
That means that there is an Open Heaven. We live under an Open Heaven, and we can speak to the situations that we encounter.
God has chosen to work through us for things to happen here on earth. He has chosen to use little old you and me to effect change.
We can speak LIFE into situations that look dead. We can speak HEALTH into places where there is infirmity. We can speak PEACE into chaos or even war.
Didn’t Jesus say that we would do greater things than He? What did He do? He healed the sick, cleansed the leper, calmed the raging sea, delivered the demonic, and raised the dead!
Now, that is a mighty tall order in my opinion. We need to be healing the sick and calming the raging sea or circumstance. We need to be helping people get delivered, and we need to speak life and hope into those that are the Walking Dead.
These things are a full-time job for us. These things can be happening wherever we are: at work, at play, at home, in the neighborhood, or even at church.
We run into walking dead wherever we are. I have seen them in Walmart, in the prison, and even in church.