In Ephesians 5:18, it says that we are to “Be filled with the Holy Spirit”. If we are filled with the Holy Spirit, there is not room for other things. We are dead to the flesh, right?
Romans 8:5-6 states that ” Those who are motivated by the flesh only pursue what benefits themselves. But those who live by the impulses of the Holy Spirit are motivated to pursue spiritual realities. For the mindset of the flesh is death, but the mindset controlled by the Spirit finds life and peace.”
If you and I truly want peace, we have to crucify the flesh and be led by the nudges and impulses of the Holy Spirit.
Quite frankly, I am weary of being motivated by carnal desires, and I want the peace of God which passes all understanding. I want His peace, His joy, and His love to permeate me through and through.
In John 14:26-27, it says, “But when the Father sends the Spirit of Holiness, the one like Me who sets you free, He will teach you all things in My name. And He will inspire you to remember every word that I have told you. I leave the gift of peace with you–My peace. Not the kind of fragile peace given by the world, but My perfect peace. Don’t yield to fear, or be troubled in your hearts–instead be courageous.”
With the peace of God, we can face anything. His peace transcends whatever we are facing. Whether it be financial worries, health concerns, relationship struggles, or the state of society, we can have His peace.
If you have ever read books about the first century Christians or watched movies about them being sacrificed to the lions, you could not help but wonder how they faced such dire and fatal circumstances. It is only by the grace of God and His peace that they could face such absolute horror.
Everything in life is tied to the spiritual. Absolutely everything! And the Holy Spirit is our helper. He is necessary for us to truly survive in this world. He is necessary for every breath of every day, in my opinion.
John 16:13-15 ” But when the Truth-giving Spirit comes, He will unveil the reality of every Truth within you. He won’t speak on His own, but only what He hears from the Father, and He will reveal prophetically to you what is to come. He will glorify Me on the earth, for He will receive from Me what is Mine and reveal it to you. Everything that belongs to the Father belongs to Me–that’s why I say that the Divine Encourager will receive what is Mine and reveal it to you.”
The Holy Spirit is the promise of better things to come. He is our Comforter, our Counselor, and our Helper.
Sometimes we have things that block our ability to hear the Holy Spirit. We may even have layers of things to block us.
We may have a layer of unbelief. We may have a layer of religion and tradition.
We may have a layer of jealousy or disappointment. We may have a layer of bitterness and unforgiveness.
The other night I had a dream in which Mike and I had an old house. The roof was awful. Some of it was showing the tar paper. Some of it had several layers of old shingles buckling up.
We all know that you don’t have more than two layers of shingles because it is too heavy for the roof. You did know that, right?
Perhaps, God was showing me that we have layers between us and Him that causes a problem with us receiving from Him.
Maybe we don’t just need to cover holes in the roof with tar pitch, but let’s just rip the whole roof off.
If we ripped the whole roof off, there would be nothing but blue sky between us and God. How do you think the reception would be then?
Let’s think about it? What is standing between us and God? What kind of old worn-out, ratty, buckling shingles is on our house?
Why don’t we just ask God to rip off the old shingles and give us a whole new roof? A whole new perspective? It is high time that you and I removed anything that is standing between us and Him.
We need to remove the pride, the unbelief, the pain and trauma, the disappointment, and the bitterness of unfulfilled dreams.
We need to give it all to God. Give Him our pain. Give Him our disappointment. Give it to Him.
In that same dream, Mike and I were thinking about repairing the old house and selling it and moving back to where we were.
The next scene, Mike and I are in an older house with lots of people that I don’t know. The house is full. Every room is full.
A man comes to the door, and we invite him in. There is a lady at the door with him, and we ask her to come in also.
Next, we are counting the number of men and women to make sure everyone has a place to sleep. We assure them that everyone will have a place.
What is God telling us in this dream? Is He moving us to a different season? Is He giving us a new vision?
I want to be where He wants me to be. I want to actually make a difference. Are we making a difference in the lives of others around us? Are we really?
Do we make a concerted effort to touch someone each and every day? Do we give others hope, and do we show the love of God wherever we go?
That is our mandate. To show the love of God where we go. To be His hands, His feet, and His mouthpiece.
Because I have Jesus in me, I have His authority. Due to that authority, I can help others get free, and help them to push the enemy out of their lives.
I am not to live a defeated lifestyle. I am to be more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus.
Galatians 5:1 ” Let me be clear, the Anointed One has set us free–not partially, but completely and wonderfully free! We must always cherish this truth, and stubbornly refuse to go back into the bondage of our past.”
Verse 5″ But the Holy Spirit convinces us that we have received by faith the glorious righteousness of the Anointed One….All that matters now is living in the faith that is activated and brought to perfection by love.”
Verse 13-18 “Beloved ones, God has called us to live a life of freedom in the Holy Spirit…. Freedom means that we become so completely free of self-indulgence that we become servants of one another, expressing love in all we do. For love completes the laws of God. All the love can be summarized in one grand statement, Demonstrate love to your neighbor, even as you care for and love yourself. As you yield freely and fully to the dynamic life and power of the Holy Spirit, you will abandon the cravings of your self-life. For your self-life craves the things that offend the Holy Spirit and hinder Him from living within you! And the Holy Spirit’s intense cravings hinder your old self-life from dominating you! So then, the two incompatible and conflicting forces with you are your self-life and the new creation life of the Spirit. But when you are brought into the full freedom of the Spirit of grace, you will no longer be living under the domination of the law, but soaring above it!
Verse 22-23 ” But the fruit produced by the Holy Spirit within you is divine love in all its varied expressions. Joy that overflows, peace that subdues, patience that endures, kindness in action, a life full of virtue, faith that prevails, gentleness of heart, and strength of spirit.”
Verse 26 “So may we never be arrogant, or look down on another, for each of us is an original. We must forsake all jealousy that diminishes the value of others.”
Matthew 28:18-20 “Then Jesus came close to them and said, “All the authority of the universe has been given to Me. Now wherever you go, make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And teach them to faithfully follow all that I have commanded you. And never forget that I am with you every day, even to the completion of this age.”
Due to Jesus in me, I have this amazing ability to love others and help them be set free. I cannot imagine that I should just be happy with the status quo. I cannot just be happy when there is so much suffering around me and so many hurting people.
I simply must do what He has commanded me. I must love others. I must love the hell out of them because every soul is important to Daddy God.
The one matters. Each and every one is important to God, and so they should be important to you and me.
We do not need to allow bitterness, jealousy, disappointment, unforgiveness, and other things to make us unaware of the love of God surrounding us. We need to quit making excuses and letting the enemy manipulate us. We need to be firebrands for God in all we do.
Complacency is not an option. What are you and I going to do today to make a difference? Tomorrow?
DL Moody said, “The world has yet to see what God can do with one person who is totally surrendered to Him.”