Last year, my daughter, Christy, gave me a t-shirt that said, “Spoiler Alert: The Tomb was Empty”! I absolutely love this shirt.  It is my favorite color, and the message. The message is what life is all about. 
We get to celebrate Easter because the tomb is empty. I love Christmas, but Easter is even more important because of what Easter is all about. 
Jesus, the Son of God, redeemed you and me. Jesus had victory over sin, death, and the grave. Wow! What a Saviour!
Jesus had 12 disciples. One betrayed him. Of course, Judas was replaced. So there were 12 disciples! 12 men what changed the world. 
You and I look at the state of the world today, and we almost despair. However, we should not. If 12 could change the world back then, what do we think 12 of us could do today? 
I know that the world seems to be extremely dark, and it seems that mankind has gone insane. 
Every day more and more darkness. More and more deviant behavior from mankind. We think that it cannot get any worse, and yet, the next day that is something more to shock us. 
What are we to do?  Shall we crawl up in a corner and wring our hands in despair? I think not. I think not. 
Last week, Mike talked about the power of God and how God uses us to show His power. We are only the conduit of His power. We just have to be willing vessels that He may use. 
Are you willing to die to self, and let Jesus resurrect Himself through you? 
Our battle is not in the physical. Thank God for that! Look at me! I am a chunky, old grandma who looks like that it would not take much effort to whip physically. Ah, I won’t go down without a fight! 
There is a saying that I absolutely love. It says, “There is none so strong as the weakest person who depends totally on Jesus Christ.” 
What that means is that when I am weak, then I am strong. In my weak condition, I have to depend of the power of God to take care of me. And, that is exactly what I need to do. 
Zechariah 4:6  says it is not by might, nor by strength, but by the power of Almighty God. The God that created the universe resides in me, and God have pity on whatever comes against me. 
Let me give you an example. Let us say that a buzzard in the sky represents an attack of the enemy coming against me. I spot the buzzard, and I start speaking to it. I start praying out loud. I may be quaking on the inside, but that buzzard, that attack, does not know that because I am not about to tell him that I am afraid. I start praying.  I cover my family and me with the Blood of Jesus. I call on the name of Jesus. I bind up that attack and command it to go. I loose the Kingdom of Heaven into the situation. I ask Daddy God to send His warring angels to encamp about my family and me. I thank God that He is protecting my family and me. I prophesy that we are blessed going in and coming out. We are the head and not the tail. We are the above and not the beneath. 
I quote Scripture. It is written that in Isaiah 54:17 that “no weapon formed me against me shall prosper.” It is written that God is my strength and my shield. It is written that God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind in 2 Timothy 1:17. It is written, it is written, it is written. 
You see, I have a big mouth. I have a big mouth when it comes to Jesus and when it comes to the authority that God has given us. 
In John 14:12, doesn’t it say that we will do greater works than Jesus did? He healed the sick. He raised the dead. He cleansed the leper. 
If we can just try to wrap our tiny little brain around what God told us to do. If we can just die to self, and let God work through us.
We have to stop letting fear beat us up. Many have been given amazing prophecies, and yet have allowed fear to paralyze them. They are frozen with fear of man, or fear of our own family. What will they think? They will think us crazy. 
Well, I can think of something far worse than family thinking us crazy. What if we stay paralyzed and never do anything that God asked us to do?
God sent His son to Earth to live as a man. His son lived a sinless life, was crucified on the cross for the sins of mankind, and raised from the dead after three days. Jesus had victory over sin, death, and the grave. He made a way for you and me to have a relationship with the Living God. 
You and I make not look like much on the outside, but on the inside, we are mighty warriors. 
We just need to get out of the way of the Holy Spirit, and turn Him loose in us. If we will just let Holy Spirit loose. If we just let Him have His way, here in our church and in our private lives. 
12 disciples changed the world. 12. What if we are willing to let God have His way in us? What if we are willing to let Holy Spirit have His way, do you think that we might change our neighborhood, our precinct, our city, our state, and even our nation? 
We might to say that we are but humble men and women. Father Nash was a humble man whose fervent prayers inspired a revival like no other. He was born in 1775. At the age of 40, he was a preacher in New York for about 6 years. He said that he did not trust his spoken words or fancy sermons to change hearts, but that persistent prayer could summon the Holy Spirit to transform the culture of that day. 
Daniel lived during the time when Charles Finney traveled and preached the salvation gospel. The Holy Spirit urged Daniel Nash to pray for the power of God to fall on Finney’s services. Heaven opened up, and crowds rushed to the altar. The prayers of Mr. Nash were so powerful that after he died and was no longer praying,  Finney’s services reverted to ordinary. 
Do you think that a powerful prayer warrior could pray like that today and transform a city? What might God do with a few prayer warriors who know how to pull down Heaven for such a time as this? Could it happen today? 
Charles Finney said this of Daniel Nash: “ I have known people who prayed until they were soaked in sweat on a cold winter’s day. They prayed for hours and hours until they were totally drained of strength…. I have worked with a man of this caliber.” 
The revival could not be contained, and it spread like wildfire. It was a mighty move of the Holy Spirit. People were amazed at the tangible presence of God . Even unbelievers! 
A sheriff of the day had heard of the revival. He and others had laughed about it because they did not think that things could change like that. He crossed the county line where the revival was taking place. He felt something change. It was like God’s presence had filled the atmosphere. He could not escape the awareness of God. It grew stronger as he drew nearer his destination. He had a hard time conducting his business, and it seemed that everyone around was affected the same way. After he returned home, he never again spoke lightly of the power of God. By the way, within a few weeks, he gave His heart to Jesus. 
The Bible says God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If so, He still responds to the intense prayers of His children, but are we willing? Are we willing to be in intense prayer for our city? Are we willing to bring God’s justice to our area?
Rick Joyner said, “To be the salt and the light that Christians are called to be, we must resolve to stand against evil, injustice, and tyranny. We are called to be “freedom fighters, and it should be fundamental to all Christians to fight for liberty and justice for all.” 
We are soldiers in God’s army. In the military, to be effective we must learn the ways of our enemies so we can counter them. We are commanded not to be ignorant of the enemy’s devices. 
Since our nation was founded on godly principles and God has a purpose for our nation, the enemy is seeking to destroy our nation and our Godly purpose. 
“Courage is the greatest need we have today in our Christian and national leadership. When the first apostles were threatened by the Sanhedrin they did not pray for more wisdom, protection, or even more power; they prayed for boldness. Boldness is the fruit of courage. We are about to see a new breed of leader arise.” Rick Joyner quote
I pray for boldness in each and every one of us. It is time for us to rise up and make a difference in our sphere of influence, our neighborhood, our city, our state, and our nation. 
Oh God, Daddy God, merciful Jehovah Jireh, El Shaddai, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, Pour out Your Spirit on us. Pour out a boldness on us. Give us the backbone of a warrior. Give us courage to stand. Give us courage to fight. Give us courage to pray. Give us courage to pray bold prayers. Give us courage to tell others about You. Give us courage to be like Jesus and love others. Give us courage to pray for Your hand to touch everyone around us. Make us a praying church. Make us a bold church. Make us a conduit church. Make us a place where You can rest. You are welcome here. Fill this room with Your Presence so that It flows out the door, into the streets, and into the neighboring homes and hospitals. Bring Your Healing Presence and saturate this place, this area. May the Glory of Your Light chase out the darkness and send it running.